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Looking for information from organic search, searching for target information from search actions of specific keywords There are many users who visit websites by searching for products and services themselves, which tends to lead to results (conversions). 
In this way, the success of SEO is a major key to the success of Web promotion, as we can expect a stable site inflow of highly motivated, high-quality users.

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Purpose of SEO

SEO is an abbreviation of ” Search Engine Optimization ” that collects excellent links (external measures), provides valuable content to users, or properly searches for search engines By optimizing the web page (internal measures) technically so that the contents of the page will be evaluated, if your keyword is searched on Google and Yahoo! and other search engines, your site will be displayed at the top It means to do.

The purpose of SEO is not to display the web page on the search top. 
It is the first time SEO has succeeded by showing up at the top of the search is only one entrance for Web attraction and ultimately leading to the conversion (CV) that is the final goal of the Web site .

Therefore, it is necessary to design the site precisely, such as reading what site the user who flowed in from the search is browsing the site, creating content that meets user needs, configuration easy to transition to the target page, navigation arrangement There is.

Benefits of SEO

Because it is different from advertisement, cost can be kept down or measures can be taken free of charge. If it is displayed in the ranking top in the search result, stable customer attraction can be expected at low cost over the medium to long term

You can get influx of users with high conversion rate, which are likely to lead to results as a result of attracting customers from search behavior.A high branding effect can be obtained by high-order display