Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why to buy Youtube views?

You use YouTube so as to watch a video and to upload yours. Once you upload it you will want it to be viewed so that it gets popularity. For that purpose you have to possess as many views as possible. That’s why we suggest you our help. Get YouTube views and don’t even move a finger.

2. How long shall I wait to see my views coming?

The delivery will start within 12 hours. It is required so as we can add you to our database and start the delivery of your views without any problems. Be sure that you will get them in a fixed period of time.

3. Will my video be suspended?

Never! Our techniques of delivering views are so secure that you don’t even have the need to think over that issue. The most important thing for our company is the security of our clients.

5. Can I order more views than you offer?

Order as many views as you feel is the best for you. No restriction on the number of views to purchase.

6. Can I distribute the purchased views to different videos?

If you have bought 50000 views and want the half of it to be delivered to one video and the rest to another just notify about it to us and we shall deliver your views according to your request.

7. Can I make more than one order?

You have the right to purchase from us as many times as you want. There is no restrictions on the number of orders.

8. Do you accept PayPal?

YES we accept PayPal payment method.