How To Get More YouTube Views on Your Videos

There are many reasons why we want to get YouTube views. We could be a singer, musician, comedian or actor whom wants to showcase their talent to the world. Or we could be a retailer or affiliate marketer that is promoting a product for profit.

Gaining more YouTube Views helps us to increase our ranking  in YouTube & also our Subscriber base. The benefit of a large YouTube Subscriber base is that you have a following of people whom will more than  likely view your latest YouTube video upload.



No matter why you want to get YouTube views, here are some recommended actions to follow to help you.

  • 1. Ensure that your YouTube video is entertaining & gets to the point.

There is nothing more boring than a video taking 10 minutes to give 2 minutes worth of information, the attention span of YouTube viewers is short so they will be inclined to move along to another video.  Just because you feel you have created a video  master piece doesn’t mean all viewers will feel the same – ask a close friend to give you their unbiased opinion on your  video before you upload.

  • 2. Ensure you write a good description, good keywords & good tags for your video

Always add a good relevant title & a good catchy description, part of your description shows up in search & can entice the searcher to click on your video as opposed to a competing video. Familiarize yourself with the use of Tags, check out your competing videos and try to replicate their tagging structure – also ensure that the tags are relevant by including them within your description.

  • 3. Add annotations to your video, asking viewers to comment, subscribe, like & share if they like your video.

Annotations are great but less is more, only one annotation is needed to get your message across to the viewer. If viewers feel inclined to share this can lead to many more views and subscribers.

  • 4. Post your YouTube video on to your Facebook Page.

If you have an interesting or humorous video, your friends will be inclined to share your video with others creating a vrial effect anbd ultimately more views for you.

  • 5. Buy YouTube Views

If you follow the tips above, you will be doing almost everything you can to get youtube views. I say almost, as there is also another method of increasing youtube views, which is to Buy Youtube Views

There are now services that will add your video to their high traffic websites, so that all views are from genuine people.

These services start from just $5 per video which gets you 7,000+ views – Check Here: Buy Youtube Views

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